Wednesday, 24 October 2012

SINO Holdings—the Leading China Plastic Injection Molding Company

As the developed of China economy, the China plastic molding industries following its’ development and take a great changes. China is one of the biggest plastic injection molding countries in the world. As the latest data shows that in China the per capita consumption for plastic products can be 9KG a year. While the per capita consumption for plastic injection products is only about 24KG a year.

The distribution of China plastic molding industries: the main areas are Guangdong province, Zhejiang province, Jiangsu, Shanghai and so on. While in Zhejiang, they are two main areas for plastic injection molding. They are Ningbo and Taizhou. SINO plastic molding company located in this kind of special place – Huangyan the mould township of China.
SINO Holdings—the leading plastic injection company specialized in making all kinds of injection mould, injection machines and offer injection molding Turnkey solutions in China.
SINO was founded in 1992, from then on SINO’s growing be regarded as a fairy tales. In this few short years from a very small workshop, now to be a big holdings company which owns more than 800 employees and has 8 sub-companies they all specialized in all kinds of injection molding and injection machine fields.

What kind of plastic molding mould can SINO provide? 
Packaging plastic molding: SINO offer packaging injection molding solution like: PET preform plastic molding, plastic cap/closure molding, blowing molding, test tube molding and I-M-L (in mould labeling) high speed injection molding and etc.  

The key point of this kind of thin-wall packaging mould is: 

It needs fast cycle time, always need high speed and high pressure injection, Control the product without eccentric, for thin-wall products, it easy to be eccentric; Well cooling system.
Commodity plastic molding solution like: mixed double color plastic injection molding, bi-color plastic washing tools injection molding, bi-color toothbrush, over molding mould like mop head, plastic baby stool over and etc.

The double color mould: two different plastic material shot in one injection moulding machine and molding twice, but the plastic parts come out one-time;

Over moulding mould (two shots moulding): two different plastic materials maybe not in the same plastic injection machine to make injection. They often use twice moulding. Pieces demoulded from the first mould and then put them into the second mould to make injection.

Household appliance plastic molding: plastic refrigerator part moulds, washing machine mould, air conditioner mould, TV mould Microwave mould, rice cooker mould, iron mould and fan moulds… …
SINO professional in making precision household appliance moulds. For this moulds, we high speed lathe and high speed CNC milling machine which we purchased from Italy to make mould tooling and control the mould precision.  For mould tooling process, we will make every step of mould tooling in the coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to control the quality and precision of every mould piece. 

SINO not only provide you a mould or a machine but a complete Turnkey solution called one-stop service which is help you design the plastic injection factory and purchase the related equipments, SINO will serve you until making you successfully run your factory.

Staff professional training; we have more than 20 after sales engineer who are good at foreign language.

Injection machines;   provided by our branch company—Dakumar Machinery Co., Ltd Plastic injection moulds; from steel material purchase, mould tooling, mould assembling, mould test and etc.

Plastic material; we have special supplier offering us the plastic material with best price and good quality.

Equipment installation and adjusting; when mould and machine arrives customers’ factory, we will sent our engineer to your country and train the staff how to assembling the mould, how to install and adjusting the injection machine and so on.


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