Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cheap plastic molding services - Know Your Options

Plastic molding materials have lot of application in various industrial processes. Molding equipments are often expensive and there are many manufacturers who resort to taking loans from banks and money lenders only to fund their machinery unit. Modern plastic molding services are automated and faster. Sino Mould ( is a popular mold making company that makes automated molding solutions. There are many small scale business units that make use of advanced molding technologies to produce wide range of plastic articles and plastic parts. Once the initial phase gets over, these units often make huge profits; nevertheless, it is all based on the quality of the products.
If you are planning to start a low budget production unit that makes plastic articles your first and foremost requirement is good quality plastic molding machinery. Branded molding equipments are quite expensive and if you cannot afford to buy them, you are left with four other options.

First option:  You can resort to forged products.  There are several plastic molding services that sell fake molding products or fake components used in making molding machines. These companies etch the names of real brands on their indigenous products. If you are into molding business, you must have definitely heard about Chinese plastic molding products. Fake molding materials made in China are popular for being exact replicas of top brands in the molding industry. These equipments are not original but are good enough to get things going.  You might need to replace them entirely in a year or two but you must have derived enough money out of them by that time.  The prices for Chinese molding products start from a very low range. The prices increase as the quality rises. So, basically in case of such cheap molding components you get your money’s worth. While this is true in most cases, there is no surety about the whole idea. When you buy duplicate Chinese products, you don’t get any sort of guarantee. For all you know, your machine might break down a week after you buy it. You will have to make good all the losses plus you can’t sue anyone.

Second Option:  Your next option is to buy low quality products that are not forged but are made out of poor quality raw materials. This is advisable only if you get some sort of guarantee from the manufacturer or the dealer.  Also, you can think about this option only if the products you intend to manufacture do not fall under medical instruments or food grade plastic products. For instance, in case of a unit that deals with medical injection molding, low grade molds are not an option.  Low quality molding materials may seriously affect the quality and safety levels associated with the end products.  Hence, it is not advisable to invest in such tools and machinery if it can put your production license under risk. 

Third Option: If you have ruled out the above two options, hiring the services of a plastic molding company is the best way to fit your needs into your tight budgets.  You can hire these equipments on monthly rentals or procure them on lease.

Fourth Option: You can buy used molding equipments and machines. However, do not forget to verify their working condition before closing the deal.
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