Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Medical Injection Molding for Medical Industries

Medical injection molding refers to a specific manufacturing process, with a specialization in the medical industry. Medical injection molding requires specialized tooling (an injection mold) and an injection molding machine (a.k.a. the molding press). Plastic pellets are melted down into a heated cylinder so that the molten plastic can be injected into the mold in order to form the part. As simple as this may sound, there are many variables in this process that can affect the finished product, so focusing on quality and consistency in the manufacturing process is critical. This type of variation in a medical product could result in whether or not the end product would function properly and this would matter to both the Doctor and the patient as well. This is why the manufacturing process must be seen as a whole.

The injection mold (Definition) - A properly designed mold will be able to maintain a consistent surface temperature to assure that every shot of plastic injected into the mold will be done under consistent conditions. A variation in mold temperature may cause the plastic to shrink or fill out differently, resulting in a slight variance in the molded product from piece to piece. Once again, in many cases this variation might not matter, however, when making an injection molded part for a medical application, this variation can make all the difference in the world.

The injection molding machineThe cycle of the machine must be optimized in such a way that it is steady and able to maintain consistent parameters from cycle to cycle. Most modern machines today are capable of meeting this requirement and if the injection mold is designed correctly, the parts will be able to eject from the mold without human intervention so that the machine can be set up for an automatic cycle.

Sino Package Mould Company are specialized in various package and medical mould, in the same time we are professional in various medical mould which are used in hospital, we are the famous mould company for PET testing tube moulds, and Petri dish mould…as because our mature hot runner system for PET and PS injection, also because of our precise machining equipments, process and managements, we are successfully in making high cavities Nr. medical moulds.

Syringe Mould consist 3 components of moulds, they are barrel mould, plunger mould, and gasket mould. Offer Syringe mould, plastic injection moulding machines and other accessories machines, SINO HOLDINGS GROUP; offer the turnkey project for Syringe manufacturing line. We have the high speed injection machine which is Dakumar brand, we have made more than 20 turnkey projects for different countries.

As for the modern Plastic Mould Manufacturer, Sino Mould has herself managements system, team's philosophy of quality, company technologies properties and patents, Sino people's working culture and life culture…Sino people know that Sino is a company not only like a home, it is also like an army and a school.

Sino Culture's core mentality is RESPONSIBILITY, we annotated the responsibilities are:

•To Sino's partners and customers.
•To all the Sino People.
•Sino people to themselves and their family.
•To state and society. ......

For further understanding to SINO, we welcome your down visiting to us, we are sure that SINO plastic mould, plastic moulding and moulded plastic technologies, knowledge, solutions, experiences and our rigorous in plastic mould areas will make you interested. Sino will not only offer you a best mould, but a best solution.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sino Holdings - A Fine Solution for Plastic Components Molding Services

Sino Moldings is one of the leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of high quality plastic components molding service Company. Our Molding service include automobile plastic components molding, electronic plastic components molding, household appliance plastic components molding, daily using plastic components molding and so on.

Sino Moldings plastic components molding service start from mould making. Sino Mould was established in 1992 and is developing very fast. From 2002,we developed our sister companies for Dakumar Machinery Co. Ltd, Sino Automotive Mould Co. Ltd, Sino Pipe fittings Mould Co. Ltd, Sino Package Mould Co. Ltd, Anole Injection Technology Co. Ltd, Sino Electron Co. Ltd. All the above companies belong to Sino Holdings group Co. Ltd.

Sino Holdings Group offer molding line turnkey project for our customers, we could help our customers setup new factory, make the workshop arrangement, supply molding devices and assemble in the customer’s workshop, train the staff and offer spare parts. At this period, our customers do the Plastic Components molding in their own workshop. Sino Holdings offer not only plastic components molding devices and technology, but a fine solution.

As we know, when we make a plastic mould, we must do the mould testing before mould shipping. Mould testing is to check the mould operation, get plastic components samples and check the about mould running cycle time. Only after the plastic components sample is confirmed and mould could run smoothly, we could say the mould is ready.

For most of mould companies, there have several injection molding machines for mold testing. Sino Holdings Group is a professional manufacturer for plastic mold making and injection molding machines making. We know more about the mould and machine maintenance. This is basic condition for our plastic components molding service.

During the mould testing, in order to satisfy the urgent requirement for the plastic components and check the mould quality for long time running, our customers will ask us to send 1000pcs,2000pcs,10000pcs or certain pieces to them first. We pay much attention on supplying high quality plastic components for our customers. One project after one project, Sino Holding has more and more experience for the plastic components molding. We have the whole line for the plastic components molding, plastic components quality checking, plastic components packing and so on.

With previous plastic components molding experience, Sino Moldings set up a new workshop for the plastic components molding in the dustless workshop. We prepared 5sets of Dakumar standard injection molding machines, 3sets of Dakumar servo power saving injection molding machines, 2sets of Dakumar high speed injection molding machines and 3sets of SINOPM hybrid injection molding machines for different types of plastic components. All the engineers and quality control managing is get ready, we have confidence to do the plastic components molding well. In Sino Holdings, we have certification for ISO9001, TS16949, ISO14001, etc.

Usually, Sino Moldings plastic components molding project start from mould manufacturing. It is better for us to control the plastic components quality and mould quality; we could check every step with our customers if necessary. After the plastic components sample is confirmed, we could start plastic components molding. During the plastic components molding period, if the customer want to make a little changing about the plastic components, we could do full support for this.

At present, Sino Moldings do following plastic components molding:

·         IPhone mobile charger and other electron plastic components. We manufacture whole set of mobile charger and other electron plastic components for our customers and for saling, which have our own patents design;

·         Foldable crates different types and sizes, which is sold all over the world. We design the folding crates components and assembling structure by our own design team, make the foldable crate moulds and do the crate components molding;

·         IML ice cream containers for saling.

·         Airline cup molding, syringe molding.

·         We could offer other plastic components molding service according to our customers’ concept. 

Sino Mouldings will develop our new technology and service for the plastic components molding. Our hope is to satisfy our customers’ requirement in the injection molding industry: Moulds, injection molding machines, molding technology training, plastic components molding, molding solution and suggestion. Sino Moldings are glad to develop our business together with you.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Injection Moldings Service becoming more popular to Plastic Production lines

This is the age of competing service, No exception with injection moldings service.  In plastic injection moldings line, it mainly consists of injection molding machines, plastic molding moulds, and plastic injection auxiliary machinery equipments. Injection moldings service is one process for from some separated injection moldings equipments to some physical goods.

Usually, injection moldings service, we can understand like two aspects:

  • Injection moldings service for injection moldings equipments, for example the plastic injection moulds, plastic injection molding machines and some other auxiliary machinery equipments. The service for building the plastic production lines, we can call it pre-work for injection moldings service.

  • The other aspect is for after building up these plastic production lines, the service continues. We response for all the process: production, packing, shipment.

For the beginning of injection moldings service, we will make the pre-work for the whole project. Usually, we must know the customer quantity for the target items. According to customers request for the items to custom the whole project plan to offer injection moldings service.

The beginning is in 3 stages:

·         Injection moldings service for designing for the whole project
·         Injection moldings service for manufacturing all the necessary equipments
·         Injection moldings service for inspection the whole project.

The key stage is manufacturing the injection moulds, injection machines, and all the auxiliary machinery. We can say most of the time of injection moldings service project concentrate this part.

At this time, to select one or some suitable suppliers is very important to the whole project, it will affect no matter the quality or the delivery for the final parts. Of course, if one supplier can offer the whole system is much better. SINO Holding Group is the one of them.

We support offering high quality injection moulds, good mentality injection molding machines, high performance auxiliary machinery equipments. We control the whole project quality and time.

At the beginning of getting injection moldings service project, we will establish one working team, to study all the requirements from our customers, every principals of each items, they would like to absorb these requirements to achieve high efficiency injection moldings service. We request all the items principals to submit the process report each 10 days. It is better to follow the project in time and if meet any delay, we can catch the time in the later steps.

When all the separated items finish production, we need to put all the items together; it is the preparation for the injection moldings service. In this stage, it will take at least one week, Take IML system as example, When plastic thinwall moulds, high speed injection machine, robot, auxiliary machinery equipments, label ready, we will arrange to make testing and production simulation. At this time, professional engineer is doing need, we need them to establishing the whole project, and testing the project until the whole project is qualified.

Last but not the least, injection moldings service comes to the most vital process. When we defined the whole project is qualified, we will execute the production. Product QC dept will enter this project at this moment; they will control the parts quality,

Avoid any damaged parts or some other not qualified parts enter into the next step. Then regarding the packing step, we will calculate the most suitable carton box for putting more parts in one container. This is one derived service for injection moldings service. But it also saves a lot of cost to customers.

Injection moldings service now becoming more and more popular to plastic production lines. Plastic one-stop service is the trend for now and near future.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

The world famous Chinese plastic mould manufacturers in Southeast of China

In recently year Chinese plastic molding is more competitive in the word, especially Sino Mould.

Sino Mould Company is the Chinese plastic molding technologies innovator. Sino Mould Co., Ltd. is the world famous Chinese plastic mould manufacturers in Southeast of China. It has a great achievement in plastic mould design and manufacturing. For example, Sino successful design and make 4 cavities crate mould, it is the first set of 4 cavities crate stacking mould in China.

It devotes him to develop and make all plastic product moulds. Now Sino Mould is keeping on developing, our moulds types of manufacture have: Automotive Mould, Medical Injection Mould, Cosmetic Injection Mould, Mobile Phone Mould, Home Appliance Mould, Plastic Engineering Components Injection Mould, and Packaging Mould.

In 2008 year, Sino Holdings Group was established; the group company was established by SINO MOULD, in this group of companies, they are:

Sino Mould Co. Ltd
Sino Automotive Mould Co. Ltd
•Sino Packaging Mould Co. Ltd
•Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Co. Ltd
•Dakumar Machinery Co. Ltd
•Sino Electron Co. Ltd

The purpose of Subsidiaries establishing is as follows:

•To be the professional for different ranges of plastic mould.
•To reduce the cost wastage of plastic mould manufacturing.
•To offer better services and professional solutions for the plastic molding.
•To reduce the limitation of plastic moulds production capacity.
•To be the biggest plastic mould and molded plastic innovation companies group.

Sino Mould prohibited any hand workings on the plastic mould plates and other components, all the parts must be precise and well done by machining. The new technologies of machining process determined the precision. Such as: from the rough machining to precision machining, we have increased half precision machining, by this way, we have reduced the deforming of the plastic mould parts when they are machining…the taping for the screw holes, we started the processing by CNC milling machines or by the special taping machines…many tools and jigs innovating helped the high precise and effective of tooling...

Now It is becoming more and more popular in the world, due to the quality of Sino Mould was improved, Sino Mould People’s philosophy, Sino Mould manufacturing technologies, Sino Mould tooling processing technologies are improved. Sino Mould costs only 20 to 70% of European, American or Japanese.

As a famous Chinese plastic molding supplier, Sino Mould was established by Sino Mould Co. in China, which is one of the biggest Chinese mould manufacturers. For this reason, Sino Mould has the strong molds making background. Good quality molds, precision and stable machines and professional managing teams and technical teams, these guaranteed Sino Mould top quality with lowest plastic molding cost. For so many Chinese plastic molding suppliers, their future’s way is to reduce their wastage of labors, time, water, energy, space and any other natural resources. Only by this way, our suppliers can realize high efficiency, low material and power consumption to reduce the cost of the unit molded component, to save cost for our customers.

For further understanding to SINO, we welcome your down visiting to us, we are sure that SINO plastic mould, plastic moulding and moulded plastic technologies, knowledge, solutions, experiences and our rigorous in plastic mould areas will make you interested.