Thursday, 20 September 2012

Specifics on Plastic Mold Making in China

Mold making is one of the oldest industries known to mankind. In the earlier days, molds made of mud were used for making metal castings. Statues and designer frames made of iron, bronze and copper were made using earthen molds. With the passage of time, earthen molds were replaced with metal molds.

Today, molding machines are used in making all sorts of objects and articles made of plastic, Bakelite, metals and alloys. In the entire mold making industry, plastic molds have a huge demand compared to others. Every year tons of plastic objects are made and disposed off in various ways. In other words, there is an ongoing demand for plastic materials, both new as well as recycled. When it comes to plastic objects, there are more variations and applications as compared to metals. That is the reason why plastic mold making is such an enormous activity.  Advancement in engineering and technology has revolutionized our new age mold making industry. As of today, China continues to be one of the biggest exporters of plastic and plastic components molding supplies.

Chinese plastic molding technology is quite advanced compared to other Asian countries.  Plastic molding machines are made of different metals and their quality depends on the nature of plastic equipments they are meant to mold. The metals used for making these molds are graded as per quality standards. Molds made of high grade metals like titanium are more expensive. Sino Mould is one of the major plastic molding suppliers in China that has multiple manufacturing wings. Sino Mould produces wide range of molding equipments including plastic injection molding machines. Sino Mould’s plastic mold making services are listed in their site With the help of this website, users can contact the company’s customer care department to enquire about various molding solutions rendered by the company.  Sino Mould also does BMC molding, plastic treatment and assembling services for its customers.

Branded Chinese molding companies offer high quality products that last for over 10 years without much maintenance. However, the life of these products depends on their quality specifications and frequency of usage.

Injection moldings service providers in China are quite popular. They offer advanced and customized products and services at low price ranges. More than branded products, Chinese injection molding suppliers deal with pirated products. These are common products made in China but sold under popular brand names found in countries like US and UK. There is a huge market for such molding equipments because they are available at extremely cheap rates. There are several suppliers who buy these products and market them as real ones.  There are mold making companies that import their raw materials and machine parts from China. Most of these are fake brands and they come at very lucrative prices. It is illegal but many times manufacturers (buyers) do not realize that they were sold fake products. Although the parts used in these molding devices are fake they function well for quite some time. Nevertheless, the cost of the product defines its quality and life, and cheap Chinese products have very short life span. Click here to know more about plastic mold making services and technologies.


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