Sunday, 23 December 2012

SINO AUTO MOULD – A Leading Automotive Parts Mold Manufacture in China

Auto molding industrial include many molding technology, such as gas assistant molding for door handle parts, Bi-material molding technology and so on.

With our qualified team and professional tooling engineers, we offers our international market with auto molding service include injection mold for plastic automotive exterior parts and interior part. 

The present auto molding condition we can say as follows:

The design software is CAD/CAM, which widely used in Chinese molding factories.  To make automotive moulds, there are some points very important. The design control before analysis is the first key point for getting this project start. SINO can use mold flow software for study the gate locating, material heating transfer, air venting and pressure condition during auto molding process. So that we can fast avoid defects for the plastic molding process.

High speed tooling and high précised tooling equipment are more and more mature. As years ago, Chinese auto molds manufacturers are very hard to achieve the high precision requirement due to the precision standard is not reaching. Nowadays, with the bringing in of international brand CNC milling equipment, the tooling speed and tooling precise are greatly improved.

Hot runner technology is widely applied for auto moldings. We can include the hot runner selection such as sequential hot runner valve gates for some auto parts such as bumpers, control penal and so on. Hot runner system reduces very much the material waste and makes the plastic molding parts better appearance and efficient injection molding process.

Very advanced steel material heat treatment technology. The aluminum alloy are more and more used to make the auto molding, due to the advantage of material less density, good heat transforming, good welding feature and cutting advantage. Therefore, the tooling lead time for auto molding is also short.

SINO AUTO MOULD passed ISO9001 and TS16949 certificate. Through the improvement of the quality control system, SINO AUTO focuses on mold performance, high efficiency, high lifetime and pursuit of energy saving and user-friendly features.

As the leading automotive parts mold manufacture in China, SINO AUTO MOULD is now more and more developed in auto molding technology. SINO MOULD place great importance in R&D of innovative automotive moulds structure research, improvement and analysis.

Once the order start, SINO team start analysis by software with technical chief engineers and come to an perfect conclusion for parting, molding defect avoiding, molding structure draft and artwork layout. Then, we will start the design for making the project for 3D model and 2D modeling. This process, Also, the cooling system of auto molding is very strict. The cooling system designed for this mold, must be able to control the molding surface area within 5 degrees. Making the reasonable structure for ejection and angle lifters is also required in our design and so on.

Following the design output, steel purchase and mold components purchase and QC inspection is coming in and order. The material will be included with steel sample and texture plate for offering the OEM companies for stock and checking.

By following 2D tooling tolerance drawing, inspection department will check step by step the tooling semi-finished parts and components. Through testing and 3D CMM, SINO is able to achieve the workshop of mold components and mold assembly quality inspection and quality control process. The principle of SINO QC in the auto molding mold production process is tracking and to detect and solve problems to prevent errors and avoid a defect elements flow into the next tooling step.

When all components and mold blocks come to assembling, the auto molding trial with right material is also very critical. Therefore, SINO set up our own tooling parts QC report, assembling process, checking the result of the assembling quality and progress will be reported to the QC records system for 2nd QC control.

SINO AUTO MOULD rich auto molding technology and skills has made us great success in the industrial. SINO AUTO MOULD is now the supplier for OEM and after sales market automotive parts mould, such as Brand Peugeot, KIA, TOYOTA, HONDA, and SUZUKI and so on. Our market covers Brazil, Iran, Spain, France, and Australia… Welcome you’re down visiting and cooperation with SINO AUTO MOULD.


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