Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Various types of Injection molding services and programs offered by Sino Mould

Sino Mould is professional plastic mould manufacturer, we specialized in injection molding technology, could offer you perfect injection molding service. Such as industrial dustbin injection molding service and pallet injection molding service, IML& pail injection molding service, crate injection molding service, stack, and gas-assist high-tech injection molding service. Automotive injection molding service, PVC fitting injection molding service, PET & Package injection molding service.

We not only offer you injection mould, but also offer you injection molding machine, Standard injection molding machine, servo system injection molding machine, high speed injection molding machine.
All successful injection molding programs begin with proper design for the process, and in this case for rapid production. When designing your part for rapid injection molding, the most important factors that contribute to lead time are part size and complexity. Whenever a larger part can be broken down into smaller pieces and then assembled, you will potentially shorten lead time. This is because simple, shallow cavity designs are produced quicker via the CNC machining process. Designing parts that are moldable with a “Straight Pull Mold” is a great place to start. This requires that all the part’s features be designed so that when the two halves of the mold are pulled from each other and the part is ejected, there are no secondary processes required.  This is due to mold material’s tendency to pull through part plastic (this is referred to as an ‘undercut’.) Undercuts require mold pieces to pull out sideways, perpendicular to the direction of the pull. These ‘side actions’ as they are called can require ‘hand loads’ for lower volume projects or automatic/mechanical loads for higher runs.

We have more than 50 mould designers, specialized in 2D, 3D mould design, and product design.

We have also tooling center. there are all kinds of tooling equipment inside which mould molding need, such as Italy FIDIA high-speed milling machine.5 axis CNC milling Machine, Charmilles, Sodick EDM Japan and CNC wire cutting, CNC lathe machine, boring machine.

After the mould tooling, we will send it to our inspection center. We have coordinate measuring machine, and articulated arm measuring instrument, optical imaging instrument could control the mould dimension without any mistake.

After the moulds pass the inspection, Sino Mould will send the mould to our mould test workshop more than 15 injection molding machines in this workshop, from 50 ton to 500 ton, for different mould testing. 
If you have any injection mould project or injection machine project, do not hesitate to contact with such a company with strong injection molding service.


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