Thursday, 24 January 2013

World famous plastic injection molding manufacturers in China

Sino Mould Co. Ltd is the world famous Chinese injection molding manufacturers in Southeast of China. We offer the best of both competitive price and excellent quality for plastic injection moulding. We perform an in-depth evaluation of your part designs of plastic injection molds before manufacturing. If necessary, we will provide you suggestions for redesign of your parts to assure optimal design and avoid problems. Our expert plastic injection molding team follows international standards and deliver you with confident and consistent during the whole business process.

Our company always keeps Layout at the top, push modernized management system in Chinese injection molding making. Go in for zero default. Make sure quality and techniques in the highest way. Therefore, we dedicate to explore the new field and make innovation and progress continually to be a professional Chinese injection molding making. keep developing on the present basis in order enhance our level of mold designing and mold manufacturing, and providing medium price high quality mold .

Sino Mould industries are high speed developing, sales annually development rate is around 15%. There are more than 2000 registered Chinese injection molding companies, and annually more than 3.6% of new Chinese injection molding companies are establishing. Currently, Chinese injection molding industries are facing heavy competitiveness. In order to keep strong competitiveness, Sino Mould purchased 70000 SQM of new land to enlarge the production capacity and improve the managing system. In 2010 year, Sino Mould 30000SQM new factory started to use, and purchased more than 6M USD new tooling and measuring equipments from German, Italy and Japan.  All these investment is not increasing the cost of the mould, on the contrary, these investment increased the quality, reduced human resources, shortened the mould manufacturing lead time… all these increased the strong competitiveness of Sino Mould by the lower price, much higher quality and shorter delivery time.

Chinese injection molding is now becoming more and more popular in the world, due to the quality of the plastic injection Moulding was improved, Chinese injection molding People’s philosophy, Chinese injection molding manufacturing technologies, Chinese injection molding tooling processing technologies are improved. Chinese injection molding costs only 20 to 70% of European, American or Japanese.


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