Thursday, 22 November 2012

The world famous Chinese plastic mould manufacturers in Southeast of China

In recently year Chinese plastic molding is more competitive in the word, especially Sino Mould.

Sino Mould Company is the Chinese plastic molding technologies innovator. Sino Mould Co., Ltd. is the world famous Chinese plastic mould manufacturers in Southeast of China. It has a great achievement in plastic mould design and manufacturing. For example, Sino successful design and make 4 cavities crate mould, it is the first set of 4 cavities crate stacking mould in China.

It devotes him to develop and make all plastic product moulds. Now Sino Mould is keeping on developing, our moulds types of manufacture have: Automotive Mould, Medical Injection Mould, Cosmetic Injection Mould, Mobile Phone Mould, Home Appliance Mould, Plastic Engineering Components Injection Mould, and Packaging Mould.

In 2008 year, Sino Holdings Group was established; the group company was established by SINO MOULD, in this group of companies, they are:

Sino Mould Co. Ltd
Sino Automotive Mould Co. Ltd
•Sino Packaging Mould Co. Ltd
•Sino Pipe Fitting Mould Co. Ltd
•Dakumar Machinery Co. Ltd
•Sino Electron Co. Ltd

The purpose of Subsidiaries establishing is as follows:

•To be the professional for different ranges of plastic mould.
•To reduce the cost wastage of plastic mould manufacturing.
•To offer better services and professional solutions for the plastic molding.
•To reduce the limitation of plastic moulds production capacity.
•To be the biggest plastic mould and molded plastic innovation companies group.

Sino Mould prohibited any hand workings on the plastic mould plates and other components, all the parts must be precise and well done by machining. The new technologies of machining process determined the precision. Such as: from the rough machining to precision machining, we have increased half precision machining, by this way, we have reduced the deforming of the plastic mould parts when they are machining…the taping for the screw holes, we started the processing by CNC milling machines or by the special taping machines…many tools and jigs innovating helped the high precise and effective of tooling...

Now It is becoming more and more popular in the world, due to the quality of Sino Mould was improved, Sino Mould People’s philosophy, Sino Mould manufacturing technologies, Sino Mould tooling processing technologies are improved. Sino Mould costs only 20 to 70% of European, American or Japanese.

As a famous Chinese plastic molding supplier, Sino Mould was established by Sino Mould Co. in China, which is one of the biggest Chinese mould manufacturers. For this reason, Sino Mould has the strong molds making background. Good quality molds, precision and stable machines and professional managing teams and technical teams, these guaranteed Sino Mould top quality with lowest plastic molding cost. For so many Chinese plastic molding suppliers, their future’s way is to reduce their wastage of labors, time, water, energy, space and any other natural resources. Only by this way, our suppliers can realize high efficiency, low material and power consumption to reduce the cost of the unit molded component, to save cost for our customers.

For further understanding to SINO, we welcome your down visiting to us, we are sure that SINO plastic mould, plastic moulding and moulded plastic technologies, knowledge, solutions, experiences and our rigorous in plastic mould areas will make you interested.


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