Monday, 19 November 2012

SINO MOULD: A Professional and High quality Chinese Molding Supplier

International plastic industry is developing quickly, and the trend of injection molding machine turns from European molding market to Chinese molding market and India molding market.

Compare European molding market such as Italy, Germany, Austria, Chinese molding plant can offers much more competitive price, and at the same time, the design ability, tooling equipment and handle assembling in Chinese molding factories is developing quickly. We can say some of these plants can reach as good quality as European molding plant quality.

On the other hand, Chinese molding plant are in a higher standard than India market in design mentality and in molding factory scale investment. They have more space and big scale for molding business. Therefore, Chinese molding factories can offer larger molds for worldwide plastic molding market. The tooling equipment and factory size and molding injection machines are all bigger and easier in source in Chinese molding market.

SINO MOULD is one of such Chinese molding supplier. SINO has more than 5000sqm. Tooling and assembling workshop, with monthly tooling capacity of 100sets of injection moulds from size 300x300x300mm up to 4000x3000x2500mm, and is now developing more projects above that size.

SINO has innovative design ability and R&D projects; this is our feature among the sampling Chinese molding teams. It’s every year developing hundreds of new project for turnkey plastic factory building project, and the molds and molding project are responsible by SINO MOULD. By our high quality mentality and strong working team, is achieving more and more project.

Also, as a professional and high quality Chinese molding supplier, SINO has very strict QC procedure during mold making. SINO QC control is each tooling elements by best machining and process quality control. QC in the Chinese molding production process is detected and solves problems to prevent errors. Especially for some critical parts, after the tooling, QC control will be passed to the inspection department with checking of CMM measuring report for the project managers to keep aware of what is the tooling finish. Sino principle of QC control is to avoid a defect elements flow into the next tooling step.

SINO QC department develop a various mature Chinese molding plastic molds inspection reports forum. Suitable for each different molded plastic parts and mold inspection, such as House hold product inspection report, crate moulds inspection report, chair &table inspection report.

SINO MOULD has separate teams for each project as the leading molding supplier, we are professional in molds various types as:

·         Automotive industrial moulds
·         Industrial logistic moulds such as Pallet, industrial dust bin moulds, crate and folding pallet moulds
·         Home appliance moulds such as Air controller moulds, washing machines moulds
·         Thinwall container and food package industrial plastic molding projects,
·         PVC , PPR fitting connectors molds
·         Cap-closure and PET performs project moulds
·         Daily Use plastic moulds such as chair moulds, table moulds, beach chair moulds and other plastic furniture moulds

Furthermore, it is very strong in new molding technology such as stacking molding technology, double color molding solution, gas assistant injection molding solutions and so on.

Sino MOULD has become the unique brand of Chinese molding industry. It is ready to lead the development of the World Plastic molding and Chinese molding industry in the fierce market and maintain a unique advantage.


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