Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Plastic Molding Technologies

China plastic molding expert -Sino Holdings Group Plastics incorporates scientific molding methodology by plastic mould company, Injection molding Machine Company, plastic molding hot runner System Company. We are one of the China molders who have made the commitment and investment in this state of the art injection molding technologies.
Sino has rich experiences in various plastic molding technologies, especially the plastic injection molding. the mold technologies including plastic injection molding, plastic multi-shot injection molding, plastic extrusion molding, plastic blowing injection molding, plastic foam injection molding and plastic Hand Lay-up Molding. There difference plastic molding technologies apply to difference plastic products.
To take the plastic to the screw barrel hearting and plasticizing, then into the nozzle of the injection molding machine via pressure, arrive the cavity and solidify, then mould open, the plastic part ejected, This process of high production efficiency, high precision, it is suitable for batch production and large plastic products. (Plastic like PP, ABS, PC, PS, PE, PVC and etc)

·         Plastic blowing injection molding technology
Take the plastics of heating between blowing mould and extrusion tube, then after air pressure, the plastic will be expansion along the mold wall, then open blowing mould, eject products. It is suitable for plastic bottles with hollow and thin wall thickness. (Plastic like PET, HDPE etc)

·         plastic foam injection molding technology
Plastic extrusion molding it is plastic heating and plasticizing by barrel and screw, then when the screw push ahead, to molding the part with sectional by head of extrusion machine, then cut to the desired length. In plastic extrusion molding thermoplastic materials are fed from a hopper into the heated barrel of an extruder. It is suitable for continuous length parts, like pipes, Plate sheet, plastic protective tube of the wire etc (Plastic like PFA, FEP, and PVDF etc).

Will foam resin directly fill in the mould, make its hot melt, forming gas fluid saturated solution, through the nucleation effect, forming a large number of small nucleate, nucleate growth, make foam plastic parts. Commonly used foaming methods have three kinds: physical foaming method, chemical foaming method and mechanical foaming method. Foam forming method often use for various protective sleeve mat production. The product like: sofa cushion (plastic like EVA, EPDM etc)

·         Plastic Hand Lay-up Molding
Plastic Hand Lay-up Molding process is base on the mould with release agent by manual work,  take the reinforced material (reinforced material such as: glass cloth),at the same time, daubing resin until the plastic products have enough thickness, and then through the curing and remolding, finally, obtain plastic products. It is apply to auto parts, joint for glass steel tube.

For the Plastic injection molding technologies is the most widely applied in thermoplastic materials and low Investment with high returns. Usually plastic injection molding have more kinds auxiliary molding technologies, like gas- Assisted technologies, plastic multi-shot injection molding, over molding, insert injection and etc to applied different thermoplastic plastic products.

Sino is top professional technologies in Plastic injection molding in China, In order to convenient for customer Technical Reference, choose supplier and check and accept convenient in plastic injection molding technologies, Sino offer the turnkey equipments for plastic injection molding, from plastic parts design, plastic mould design, plastic mould, plastic injection machine, robot, assistant equipments such as: mould temperature controller, chiller, auto loader, dryer … …and staff training ,also maintenance… Turnkey solution is the most suitable way for the customers who has plastic injection molding technologies industry or invest in plastic injection molding line. 
We offer more than 40 plastic injection molding lines for our customers every year, for example: IML molding line for thin wall containers, chair molding line, crate molding line, cutlery molding line and so on. Hope we can help you when you have any requests about plastic injection molding technologies.


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